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Actuarial Valuation of Voluntary Resignation

According to the current Labor Code of the Republic of El Salvador, any worker who resigns voluntarily and who has accumulated at least 2 years of continuous or interrupted service will be entitled to 15 days of the minimum wage for each year of service.

Valuation of Benefits of Collective Bargaining Agreement

The benefits set forth in a Collective Bargaining Agreement can be evaluated by applying mathematical models, thus providing accurate and first-hand information.

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Servicios | ACTUARIA
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Machine Learning

Machine learning allows computers to learn and distinguish patterns without being specifically programmed to do so. When statistical techniques and machine learning combine, they are a powerful tool for analyzing various types of data in many areas of engineering/ computer science, speech processing, natural language processing, robot control, as well as fundamental sciences such as biology, medicine, astronomy, physics and, of course, actuarial sciences.


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