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ACTUARIA is the leading company in the field of actuarial and business consulting in Ecuador and has been meeting the growing needs of companies for a specialized and dedicated consulting partner, not only in the actuarial field, but also in the financial, business intelligence, human resource and strategic planning areas since 1986.

Our offices are located in Quito and Guayaquil.

More than 5,000 clients nationwide and internationally.

Our Company is registered under the regulations of the Consulting Committee. We have professional and specialized consultants that are widely recognized for their valuable experience in the Ecuadorian market.


Because we are committed to excellence, we value actuarial risks and offer corporate solutions, with an ethical perspective and social responsibility.


We are the first option in actuarial and corporate solutions because we have innovative human talent, the latest technological knowledge, leadership and national and international presence.

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Excellent service

Our Values


We are interested in delivering a personalized and dedicated service to all of our clients.


We believe in what we do. We take the needs of the companies we serve as our own to guide them to a promising future.


Our goal is to exceed expectations internally and externally.


We are focused on trust, credibility and, transparent processes and are supported by local and international endorsements.

ACTUARIA | Strategic Consultants

Work with us


  • Consulting firm with more than 30 years of experience, certified by the Superintendence of Companies, Securities and Insurance and the Superintendence of Banks.
  • Professional experts in the following fields: actuarial, statistical, mathematical, insurance, social security and human management.
  • Services both the private and public sector, nationally and internationally.
  • Personalized services with multi-lingual consultants and certified actuaries.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  • High standards of information security.
  • International experience with clients.
  • Member of Global Compact Ecuador.
  • On December 2017, ACTUARIA visited and organized a Christmas celebration for the elderly members of the Foundation 鈥淟a Casa de la Misericordia鈥.
  • ACTUARIA was part of the Christmas celebration for the kids of the Foundation 鈥淐aminitos de Luz鈥 on December 2017.

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Professional Background

  • 1996


    From 1996 to 2011, we were correspondents for Mercer, one of the most important Human Resource and consulting companies in the world.

  • 2013


    We obtained the ISO 9001 2008 quality certification granted by SGS and UKAS of England, thus we are able to constantly work on improving our processes and overall quality.

  • 2014


    EKOS magazine recognized us with the award for the best medium-sized business consulting company in the country and gave us the fifth place in the general ranking of SMEs at the national level.

  • 2014


    ACTUARIA signed a contract to work with representation of Baker Tilly in El Salvador to conduct actuarial calculations and prepare reports of economic benefits due to voluntary resignation.

  • 2015


    ACTUARIA worked with the US company Risk Management in the pricing of insurance premiums, and in October of the same year, it worked with AIG Colombia in the development of their pricing models.

  • 2015


    Rodrigo Ibarra, a certified member of the Institute of Actuaries of France, as well as by Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ by its acronym in Spanish), was authorized to supervise the examinations of applicants for the certifications provided by the Society of Actuaries (SOA).

  • 2016


    Rodrigo Ibarra, CEO of ACTUARIA, has been invited to participates in the forums on Social Security with the Chamber of Commerce of Quito, Esquel Foundation and the Chamber of Industries of Pichincha from August 2016 to this date.

  • 2016


    ACTUARIA was part of the International Conference of Corporate Law that took place from October 17-20, 2016 and was, organized by the National Court of Justice. Rodrigo Ibarra, CEO of ACTUARIA, participated as a speaker on the topic 鈥淚ssues and Interpretation of Employee Retirement in Ecuador鈥.

  • 2016


    ACTUARIA signed the accession convention with the United Nation's Global Compact.

  • 2016


    We currently maintain technical cooperation with major global actuarial consulting firms, such as Mercer, AON, Tower Watson and Milliman.

  • 2016


    80% of the 500 largest companies in Ecuador are ACTUARIA's clients.

Innovative consulting services

A history of Success

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, the meaning of actuaria corresponds
to a type of light boat for rowing and sailing that was used by ancient romans.


Trayectoria Logos | ACTUARIA


Trayectoria Logos | ACTUARIA


Trayectoria Logos | ACTUARIA


Trayectoria Logos | ACTUARIA

As seen, ACTUARIA麓s logo is represented with the image of a boat. It is for this reason that our work consists in providing advice to our companies, as would the crew of a ship to guide it to safe harbor.

ACTUARIA navigates in the 鈥渂lue ocean鈥 of business consulting.