Our Services

We offer a wide range of consulting services to provide transparency, improve performance and optimize company profitability, both nationally and internationally. Our main services are detailed below:

Corporate Actuarial Consulting Services

We are experts in actuarial valuations of employee retirement and termination indemnities, and seek to prepare companies to cover their future liabilities.

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Actuarial Consulting Services for Insurance and Prepaid Medicine Companies

ACTUARIA麓s consultants are specialized in a wide range of services for Insurance and Prepaid Medicine Companies.

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Mathematical 鈥 Statistical Modeling

We are capable of building mathematical and statistical models to obtain indicators that help companies to make better strategic and informed decisions for increased profitability.

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Pension Funds

ACTUARIA conducts analysis of financial sustainability, makes valuations of pension funds, as well as designs of savings and retirement plans.

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Human Resources

The Human Resource services provided by ACTUARIA allow clients to identify strengths and areas of improvement both at the company level and collaborator level to define business strategies in the short and long term.

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Financial Consulting Services

ACTUARIA麓s consultants are specialized in the analysis of the main financial aspects of companies, estimating financial risk and the viability of projects by means of income statements, balance sheets and financial indicators.

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Skill Development

ACTUARIA offers training programs and workshops in various areas of its specialization.

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