Actuarial Consulting Services
for Insurance and Prepaid Medicine Companies

ACTUARIA´s consultants are specialized in a wide range of services for Insurance and Prepaid Medicine Companies.

Risk Analysis and Pricing models

Calculation and analysis of risk and claims of the different insurance lines for long-term financial sustainability.

Servicios | ACTUARIA
Servicios | ACTUARIA

Design of Insurance products and plans

Design and monitoring in the approval of new lines of insurance and new coverage plans by the Control Entity.

Actuarial Reserves

Provision of mandatory reserves established in regulations in force in each country, such as:

  • Incurred but not Reported (IBNR)
  • Claims reserves
  • Reserve for unearned premiums
  • Reserve for declared but not paid losses
Servicios | ACTUARIA
Servicios | ACTUARIA

Actuarial Monitoring

Periodic analysis of claims, morbidity, frequency, severity, atypical risks and risk portfolio evaluation.

Development of Automized Premium Calculators

A tool that allows the efficient calculation of premiums, considering all the factors that could affect the pricing of the different coverage lines.

Servicios | ACTUARIA
Servicios | ACTUARIA

Development of Actuarial Indicators

We develop actuarial indicators for severity, frequency, morbidity, number of affiliates, quotas, atypical risks, among others.

These tools use input found in the company’ information, and are useful to perform analysis from different perspectives to detect key improvement areas.

Specialized Actuarial Consulting

Our services are tailored to suit the specific requirements of companies.

Servicios | ACTUARIA

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