Financial Consulting Services

ACTUARIA´s consultants are specialized in the analysis of the main financial aspects of companies, estimating financial risk and the viability of projects by means of income statements, balance sheets and financial indicators.

Evaluation of Income Statements and Financial Indicators

Vertical and horizontal analysis of income statements, as well as the development and monitoring of financial indicators.

Servicios | ACTUARIA
Servicios | ACTUARIA

Financial Analysis

  • Analysis and evaluation of the financial soundness of companies to ensure business sustainability in the long term.
  • Financial feasibility of expansion, contraction or sale projects.
  • Cash-flow analysis to determine the internal rate of return and the net present value of investments or projects.
  • Corporate valuations to obtain the expected value of companies according to the chosen methodology.
  • Financial risk: credit, investment, internal and external
  • Valuation of investment projects

Budget Systems

Design and implementation of budget systems for the control of profit margins of companies or projects.

Servicios | ACTUARIA
Servicios | ACTUARIA


Business management tool that uses indicators for decision-making purposes in different aspects such as: sales, expenses, profitability, productivity, among others.

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