Mathematical Statistical and Actuarial Modeling

We are capable of building mathematical and statistical models to obtain indicators that help companies to make better strategic and informed decisions for increased profitability.

Risk Assessment

The purpose of Risk Assessment is to determine the possible impact of an unknown event and quantify its cost to improve company profitability, by using predictive, data mining and management models as tools.

Servicios | ACTUARIA
Servicios | ACTUARIA

Process Automation

By means of computational algorithms, we facilitate the management of corporate processes to improve efficiency.

Solutions for Financial Institutions

It includes the analysis of financial indicators by using tools such as scoring models, fraud detection, profit projection (miles, redemption of points, among others).

Servicios | ACTUARIA
Servicios | ACTUARIA

Business Intelligence

Models for decision making through analysis of company data (trend analysis, market segmentation, inventory shortage, among others).

Machine Learning

Machine learning allows computers to learn and distinguish patterns without being specifically programmed to do so. When statistical techniques and machine learning combine, they are a powerful tool for analyzing various types of data in many areas of engineering/ computer science, speech processing, natural language processing, robot control, as well as fundamental sciences such as biology, medicine, astronomy, physics and, of course, actuarial sciences.


Valuation of Pension Plans and Funds

  • Actuarial analysis of the existence of a deficit or surplus, as well as the Fund´s financial soundness.
  • Adjustments are made for consistency with the regulations and statute according to the results obtained.

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